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Regretfully, the Corpus Playroom is not currently wheelchair accessible. The building and its surroundings provide many challenges which are not easily addressed for a variety of technical and regulatory reasons. The ADC Management Team is working closely with Corpus Christi College to improve the accessibility of the Playroom and hopes to find a solution in the near future.

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Not Even the Dogs Devising Workshops 10:00—16:00 Not Even the Dogs Devising Workshops 10:00—16:00 LBTL 16:15—17:45 ONS Dressing Room 18:00—00:00 Lateshow Dressing Room 08:00—19:45 Lateshow Dressing Room 20:00—23:00 The Spiteful Landsman Rehearsal 1-2pm 13:00—14:00 Unsoiled rehearsals 16:00—17:00 Lateshow Dressing Room 20:00—23:00 Blue Lagoon Auditions 14:45—15:45 The Children rehearsal 16:00—19:00 Lateshow Dressing Room 20:00—23:00 Unsoiled rehearsals 17:00—18:30 Lateshow Dressing Room 20:00—23:00 Calligrapher Rehearsal 12:15—12:45 Blue Lagoon Callback 13:00—14:15 The Children rehearsal 14:30—17:30 Lateshow Dressing Room 20:00—23:00
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