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The Bar is wheelchair accessible using the passenger lift in the Yard/Box Office; please speak to Management in advance to ensure that a PEEP is in place. The nearest accessible toilet is downstairs in the Box Office foyer. For health & safety and hygiene reasons, only trained members of staff are permitted behind the bar counter. Do not use the bar's soft drink dispensers, glassware, or the bar kitchen. Those found in breach of these rules may have their privileges revoked. Owing to its proximity to the Box Office, the bar must not be booked for choreography rehearsals. You will need a trained keyholder present for all bookings which fall outside of Management office hours (11am to 6pm).

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Impronauts Get-in 08:00—19:00 Impronauts show 19:00—00:00 Adrift! Auditions 10:00—13:30 Executive Committee 14:00—19:00 Management 14:00—16:00 CUADC Writing Workshop 16:00—18:00 Mainshow performance 18:00—22:30 Adrift! Auditions 11:00—13:30 Lighting maintenance 13:30—14:30 Comic Sans Rehearsal 16:00—18:00 Mainshow performance 18:00—22:30 Publicity Workshop 14:00—15:30 Lighting adjustments 16:00—16:30 Mainshow performance 18:00—22:30 Smoker auditions 13:00—16:00 Footlights workshop 16:00—18:00 Mainshow performance 18:00—22:30 In Our Veins Rehearsal 09:00—11:00 CUADC Tech workshop 11:00—18:00 Mainshow performance 18:00—22:30
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