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DR1 is the larger of the two dressing rooms at the ADC. It is equipped with mirrors, two sink basins and a shower cubicle. The dressing rooms are fully wheelchair accessible and the nearest accessible toilet is in the Box Office foyer. You will need a trained keyholder present for all bookings which fall outside of Management office hours (11am to 6pm).

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Vanity Fair Auditions 11:00—14:45 CUADC Meeting 15:00—16:45 CUADC Meeting 17:00—19:00 Company Auditions 10:00—14:00 Enron Auditions 16:00—18:00 Company Auditions 18:15—20:45 Enron Auditions 11:00—16:00 Lavender Beards Auditions 11:00—15:00 Streamlined Auditions 11:00—18:00 Kimprov Dressing Room 18:00—00:00 Lavender Beards Auditions 10:00—12:30 The Pied Piper- Mime workshop & auditions 13:00—17:00 Company Recalls 17:30—19:00 Lateshow Dressing Room 21:00—00:00 The Pied Piper- Mime workshop & auditions 13:00—17:00 Lateshow Dressing Room 21:00—00:00
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