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The Larkum Studio is a small rehearsal room with a hard wood floor. It is wheelchair accessible using the passenger lift in the yard/box office. The nearest accessible toilet is downstairs in the box office foyer.

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Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area 10:00—12:00 Thrill Me 12:00—15:00 The Convert 15:00—17:00 CUADC committee 17:00—19:00 The Convert 19:00—21:00 Executive Committee Meeting 16:00—19:00 Management 19:30—22:30 Panto auditions 10:00—16:00 Joy Gingell Chicago 16:00—18:00 Rehearsal 18:00—19:00 email for permission 19:00—23:00 Panto auditions 10:00—16:00 Freshers Auditions 16:00—18:00 email for permission 19:00—23:00 Panto auditions 10:00—13:00 panto auditions 13:00—16:00 Freshers Auditions 16:00—18:00 CUMTS Bar Night Auditions 14:00—16:00 Freshers Auditions 16:00—18:00 Twelfth Night Rehearsals 18:00—19:30 Freshers Interviews 10:00—16:00 email for permission 19:00—23:00
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