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The Cambridge Footlights are the world-famous comedy society who first aired the talents of some of the foremost British comedians and actors of this century.

The Cambridge Footlights Admin Committee 2022-23:
President: Ayush Prasad
Secretary: Amy Mallows
Treasurer: Sanah Kashyap
Smokers officer: Toria White & Niamh Howat
Social Secretary: Jenny Cyffin-Jones
Workshops and Outreach Officer: Joy Adeogun & Kae Deller
Gigs Officer: Frederick Upton

2022/3 Members:

Joy Adeogun, Sarah Baloch, Karisma Drage, Fatima Eshani, Barnaby Evans, James Hazell, Izzie Harding-Perrott, Jemima Langdon, Amy Mallows, Oscar Matthews, Gregory Miller, Jago Wainwright

Information kindly provided by Camdram.