The Seagull

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'An idea for a story. A girl like you lives by a lake; the lake is everything to her, she's carefree, happy as a seagull. Then one day a man—quite by chance—notices her. And he destroys her.’

25-year-old Konstantin is preparing to stage his new play, starring his girlfriend Nina, on the shore of the lake they love. But as the moon and the curtain rise, the presence of his mother’s young lover, a famous writer, changes everything.

A hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of unrequited love, the relationship between desire and domination, and what it means to grow up. Amidst the destruction of the natural world, Chekhov’s first major play is restaged for a 2023 audience.


  • 19:30 on 2023-05-16 at ADC Theatre
  • 19:30 on 2023-05-17 at ADC Theatre
  • 19:30 on 2023-05-18 at ADC Theatre
  • 19:30 on 2023-05-19 at ADC Theatre
  • 19:30 on 2023-05-20 at ADC Theatre

Information kindly provided by Camdram.