What's Wrong With Detective Thorgil?

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"Do not let him finish this case. For the sake of his own health and yours..."
Thorgil was a world-renowned detective. A charming paragon of justice with a mansion, books written about him, and even his own thinking scarf!
Now he is an old man. Alone in a house too big for him and a world that sees him as nothing more than a cheesy sell-out.
But when he finds out that he is dying of unknown causes nothing else is on Thorgil’s mind except a mystery to be solved, and a legacy to be rebuilt.
This new original drama by Frederick Upton takes the iconic murder mystery genre and flips it completely on its head – exploring the dynamics of legacies, role models and swollen egotism- and poses the question of ‘what do we do when we see our old heroes grow too grey and senile for their own good?’


  • 21:30 on 2022-10-18 at Corpus Playroom
  • 21:30 on 2022-10-19 at Corpus Playroom
  • 21:30 on 2022-10-20 at Corpus Playroom
  • 21:30 on 2022-10-21 at Corpus Playroom
  • 21:30 on 2022-10-22 at Corpus Playroom

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